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The Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) was founded in November 1917, and along with other plans to mark the First World War, it is intended to celebrate the centenary of its formation.  The Royal Navy has already signalled its support for the anniversary as have other organisations and charities.

A Project Group has been formed to plan and implement appropriate events to mark the Centenary and to celebrate the continuing role of women in the Royal Navy.

We intend to put on both regional and national events. We would like to encourage people to put on local events either before 2017 to raise money and support for the project and during 2017 to celebrate the centenary.

If you are planning an event please use the registration form to tell us about it. We can then advise you of any other events that may clash with yours. We can also promote your event via this site and our face book page.

We know you are all keen to find out what’s planned but until things are certain and money in place we can’t give definite details, a list of events “in the pipeline” can be found on the Events page  

The WRNS100 pictures and mugs are now available for purchase. Stoke Gallery of Gosport has very kindly offered a generous donation for prints and mugs sold via WRNS100 Facebook and the WRNS100 Website. All orders can be made by contacting the following e-mail address: or through the General Secretary of the WRNS BT, Castaway House, 311, Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth PO2 8RN.  

Print only B&W £19  P&P £2.95,  Overseas £4.50 P&P

Print only colour £27 P&P £2.95, Overseas £4.50 P&P
Print with border B&W £29  P&P £3.50
Print with border colour £37   P&P£3.50
Print with border and framed B&W £49 P&P £7.50
Print with border, framed and colour £57 P&P £7.50
Mug £9.99  P&P  £2.95





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